Notwithstanding any contrary provision of this Code, whenever the Governor finds in his emergency preparedness planning that certain transportation improvements are necessary to avert or respond to a natural disaster, prevent or respond to an act of terrorism, or contribute to military operations during a time of war or state of emergency as defined in § 44-146.16, the Governor may, to the maximum extent not inconsistent with federal law, waive statutory mandates and regulations of any state agency, institution, instrumentality, or political subdivision concerning the issuance of permits or related approvals in order to expedite the construction, reconstruction, alteration, or relocation of such highways, bridges, tunnels, and associated facilities or structures as he deems necessary.

Terms Used In Virginia Code 33.2-101

  • State: includes District of Columbia;

    (f) "Transit facilities" means all real and personal property located in the Zone, necessary or useful in rendering transit service between points within the Zone, by means of rail, bus, water or air and any other mode of travel, including, without limitation, tracks, rights-of-way, bridges, tunnels, subways, rolling stock for rail, motor vehicle, marine and air transportation, stations, terminals and ports, areas for parking and all equipment, fixtures, buildings and structures and services incidental to or required in connection with the performance of transit service;

    (g) "Transit services" means the transportation of persons and their packages and baggage by means of transit facilities between points within the Zone including the transportation of newspapers, express and mail between such points, and charter service which originates within the Zone but does not include taxicab service or individual-ticket-sales sightseeing operations;

    (h) "Transit Zone" or "Zone" means the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Zone created and described in Section 3 as well as any additional area that may be added pursuant to Section 83(a) of this Compact; and

    (i) "WMATC" means Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission. See Virginia Code 33.2-3100

  • state agency: means the same as that term is defined in § 2. See Virginia Code 1-206

2002, c. 325, § 33.1-223.2:5; 2014, c. 805.