Whenever a live sales representative is not available to speak with the person answering a telephone solicitation call within two seconds of the person’s completed greeting, the telephone solicitor shall play a prerecorded identification message that states the name and telephone number of the person on whose behalf the telephone solicitation call was being made. The number so provided shall permit, during regular business hours, any individual to make a request not to receive telephone solicitation calls.

Terms Used In Virginia Code 59.1-513.1

  • Person: includes any individual, corporation, partnership, association, cooperative, limited liability company, trust, joint venture, government, political subdivision, or any other legal or commercial entity and any successor, representative, agent, agency, or instrumentality thereof. See Virginia Code 1-230
  • Telephone solicitation call: means (i) any telephone call made or initiated to any natural person's residence in the Commonwealth, to any landline or wireless telephone with a Virginia area code, or to a landline or wireless telephone registered to any natural person who is a resident of the Commonwealth or (ii) any text message sent to any wireless telephone with a Virginia area code or to a wireless telephone registered to any natural person who is a resident of the Commonwealth, for the purpose of offering or advertising any property, goods, or services for sale, lease, license, or investment, including offering or advertising an extension of credit or for the purpose of fraudulent activity, including engaging in any conduct that results in the display of false or misleading caller identification information on the called person's telephone. See Virginia Code 59.1-510
  • Telephone solicitor: means any person who makes or initiates, or causes another person to make or initiate, a telephone solicitation call on its own behalf or for its own benefit or on behalf of or for the benefit of a seller. See Virginia Code 59.1-510

2004, cc. 202, 224.