§ 30-168 (Expires July 1, 2022) Joint Commission on Health Care; purpose
§ 30-168.1 (Expires July 1, 2022) Membership; terms; vacancies; chairman and vice-chairman; quorum; meetings
§ 30-168.2 (Expires July 1, 2022) Compensation; expenses
§ 30-168.3 (Expires July 1, 2022) Powers and duties of the Commission
§ 30-168.4 (Expires July 1, 2022) Staffing
§ 30-168.5 (Expires July 1, 2022) Chairman’s executive summary of activity and work of the Commission
§ 30-169.1 (Expires July 1, 2022) Cooperation of other state agencies and political subdivisions
§ 30-170 (Expires July 1, 2022) Sunset

Terms Used In Virginia Code > Title 30 > Chapter 18

  • City: means any independent incorporated community which became a city as provided by law before noon on the first day of July, nineteen hundred seventy-one, or which has within defined boundaries a population of 5,000 or more and which has become a city as provided by law. See Virginia Code 23.1-808
  • Development: means a tract of land developed or to be developed as a unit under single ownership or unified control which is to be used for any business or industrial purpose or is to contain three or more residential dwelling units. See Virginia Code 15.2-2201
  • Governing body: means the board of supervisors of a county, council of a city, or council of a town, as the context may require. See Virginia Code 23.1-808
  • Local planning commission: means a municipal planning commission or a county planning commission. See Virginia Code 15.2-2201
  • Military installation: means a base, camp, post, station, yard, center, homeport facility for any ship, or other activity under jurisdiction of the U. See Virginia Code 15.2-2201
  • Planning district commission: means a regional planning agency chartered under the provisions of Chapter 42 (§