Every licensee under this chapter must comply with the following:
(1) All floors shall be constructed of concrete or other impervious material, shall be kept reasonably clean and in good repair. Floors shall slope at least one-fourth inch to the foot toward drains, and slope at least three-eighths inch to the foot as the drains are approached.
(2) Adequate sanitary drainage must be provided leading to approved grease traps and approved sewage disposal system. No point on the floor shall be over sixteen feet from a drain.
(3) Suitable disposal of paunch contents must be provided in accordance with sanitary regulations.
(4) Walls shall be of impervious material to a height not less than six feet from the floor with a tight union with the floor.
(5) Potable water supply shall be provided for human consumption, washing, and cleaning.
(6) Ample steam shall be provided for cleaning purposes.
(7) Approved toilet and dressing room facilities must be provided for employees.
(8) The building must be kept free from flies, rats, mice, and cockroaches.
(9) Premises must be kept neat and orderly and all buildings must be attractive in appearance.
(10) All rendering plants, substations, and places of transfer shall be so located, arranged, constructed, and maintained, and the operation so conducted at all times as to be consistent with public health and safety.
(11) Suitable facilities for the dipping, washing, and disinfecting of hides obtained from animals that died or were killed on account of an infectious or contagious disease, shall be provided.
(12) Two copies of building or remodeling plans shall be forwarded to the director for his or her approval before such building or remodeling is begun.
[ 2011 c 336 § 442; 1949 c 100 § 12; Rem. Supp. 1949 § 3142-12.]