Every licensee under this chapter shall comply with the following:
(1) Dead animals shall be placed in containers or vehicles which are constructed of or lined with impervious material, and which do not permit the escape of any liquid, and which are covered in such a way that the contents shall not be openly exposed to insects.
(2) All vehicles and containers used for transporting dead animals shall be properly cleaned and disinfected before leaving the premises of a rendering plant, substation or place of transfer.
(3) After original loading, dead animals shall not be moved from the transporting container or vehicle upon a public highway or in any other place, except at a licensed rendering plant, licensed substation, or licensed place of transfer.
(4) No containers and vehicles used for transporting dead animals shall be used for the transporting of live animals except to a licensed rendering plant.
(5) All vehicles used to haul dead animals that have died of an infectious or contagious disease, shall proceed directly to the unloading point and shall not enter other premises until the vehicle has been properly cleaned and disinfected.
(6) The name of the rendering plant or independent collector shall be painted in letters at least four inches high on each side of every truck used for transporting dead animals.
(7) The skinning and dismembering of dead animals shall be done in the building where they are processed.
(8) Cooking vats or tanks shall be airtight except for proper escape for steam or vapor.
(9) Steam or vapor from cooking vats or tanks shall be so disposed of as not to be detrimental to public health or safety.
(10) Dead animals shall be processed within forty-eight hours after delivery to the rendering plant.
(11) No carcasses, parts thereof, or packing house refuse under process for marketing shall be permitted to come in contact with any part of the building or the equipment used in connection with the unloading, skinning, dismembering and grinding of carcasses or refuse as originally received at disposal plant.
[ 1949 c 100 § 13; Rem. Supp. 1949 § 3142-13.]