Chapter 23B.01 General provisions 23B.01.010 – 23B.01.590
Chapter 23B.02 Incorporation 23B.02.010 – 23B.02.080
Chapter 23B.03 Powers and purposes 23B.03.010 – 23B.03.040
Chapter 23B.04 Name 23B.04.010 – 23B.04.037
Chapter 23B.05 Office and agent 23B.05.010 – 23B.05.050
Chapter 23B.06 Shares and distributions 23B.06.010 – 23B.06.410
Chapter 23B.07 Shareholders 23B.07.010 – 23B.07.400
Chapter 23B.08 Directors and officers 23B.08.010 – 23B.08.900
Chapter 23B.09 Corporate entities — Conversions 23B.09.005 – 23B.09.060
Chapter 23B.10 Amendment of articles of incorporation and bylaws 23B.10.010 – 23B.10.210
Chapter 23B.11 Merger and share exchange 23B.11.010 – 23B.11.110
Chapter 23B.12 Sale of assets 23B.12.010 – 23B.12.020
Chapter 23B.13 Dissenters’ rights 23B.13.010 – 23B.13.310
Chapter 23B.14 Dissolution 23B.14.010 – 23B.14.400
Chapter 23B.15 Foreign corporations 23B.15.010 – 23B.15.300
Chapter 23B.16 Records and reports 23B.16.010 – 23B.16.220
Chapter 23B.17 Miscellaneous provisions 23B.17.010 – 23B.17.030
Chapter 23B.18 Nonadmitted organizations 23B.18.010 – 23B.18.060
Chapter 23B.19 Significant business transactions 23B.19.010 – 23B.19.900
Chapter 23B.25 Social purpose corporations 23B.25.005 – 23B.25.150
Chapter 23B.30 Defective corporate actions 23B.30.010 – 23B.30.080
Chapter 23B.900 Construction 23B.900.010 – 23B.900.050