Chapter 35A.01 Interpretation of terms 35A.01.010 – 35A.01.900
Chapter 35A.02 Procedure for incorporated municipality to become a noncharter code city 35A.02.010 – 35A.02.140
Chapter 35A.03 Incorporation as noncharter code city 35A.03.001 – 35A.03.005
Chapter 35A.05 Consolidation of code cities 35A.05.001 – 35A.05.005
Chapter 35A.06 Adoption and abandonment of noncharter code city classification or plan of government 35A.06.010 – 35A.06.070
Chapter 35A.07 Procedure for city operating under charter to become a charter code city 35A.07.010 – 35A.07.070
Chapter 35A.08 Procedure for adoption of charter as charter code city 35A.08.010 – 35A.08.120
Chapter 35A.09 Amendment or revision of charters of charter code cities 35A.09.010 – 35A.09.070
Chapter 35A.10 Adoption and abandonment of charter code city classification 35A.10.010 – 35A.10.040
Chapter 35A.11 Laws governing noncharter code cities and charter code cities — Powers 35A.11.010 – 35A.11.210
Chapter 35A.12 Mayor-council plan of government 35A.12.010 – 35A.12.190
Chapter 35A.13 Council-manager plan of government 35A.13.010 – 35A.13.230
Chapter 35A.14 Annexation by code cities 35A.14.001 – 35A.14.901
Chapter 35A.15 Disincorporation 35A.15.001 – 35A.15.110
Chapter 35A.16 Reduction of city limits 35A.16.001 – 35A.16.080
Chapter 35A.21 Provisions affecting all code cities 35A.21.010 – 35A.21.425
Chapter 35A.24 Aeronautics 35A.24.010
Chapter 35A.27 Libraries, museums, and historical activities 35A.27.010
Chapter 35A.28 Schools 35A.28.010
Chapter 35A.29 Municipal elections in code cities 35A.29.120 – 35A.29.180
Chapter 35A.31 Accident claims and funds 35A.31.010 – 35A.31.080
Chapter 35A.33 Budgets in code cities 35A.33.010 – 35A.33.160
Chapter 35A.34 Biennial budgets 35A.34.010 – 35A.34.280
Chapter 35A.35 Intergovernmental relations 35A.35.010 – 35A.35.020
Chapter 35A.36 Execution of bonds by proxy in code cities 35A.36.010 – 35A.36.070
Chapter 35A.37 Funds, special purpose 35A.37.010
Chapter 35A.38 Emergency services 35A.38.010
Chapter 35A.39 Public documents and records 35A.39.010
Chapter 35A.40 Fiscal provisions applicable to code cities 35A.40.010 – 35A.40.210
Chapter 35A.41 Public employment 35A.41.010 – 35A.41.030
Chapter 35A.42 Public officers and agencies, meetings, duties and powers 35A.42.010 – 35A.42.050
Chapter 35A.43 Local improvements in code cities 35A.43.010 – 35A.43.020
Chapter 35A.44 Census 35A.44.010
Chapter 35A.46 Motor vehicles 35A.46.010
Chapter 35A.47 Highways and streets 35A.47.010 – 35A.47.040
Chapter 35A.49 Labor and safety regulations 35A.49.010
Chapter 35A.56 Local service districts 35A.56.010
Chapter 35A.57 Inclusion of code cities in metropolitan municipal corporations 35A.57.020
Chapter 35A.58 Boundaries and plats 35A.58.010 – 35A.58.030
Chapter 35A.60 Liens 35A.60.010
Chapter 35A.63 Planning and zoning in code cities 35A.63.010 – 35A.63.300
Chapter 35A.64 Public property, real and personal 35A.64.010 – 35A.64.200
Chapter 35A.65 Publication and printing 35A.65.010 – 35A.65.020
Chapter 35A.66 Health and safety — Alcohol 35A.66.010 – 35A.66.020
Chapter 35A.67 Recreation and parks 35A.67.010
Chapter 35A.68 Cemeteries and morgues 35A.68.010
Chapter 35A.69 Food and drug 35A.69.010
Chapter 35A.70 Health and safety 35A.70.010 – 35A.70.070
Chapter 35A.74 Welfare 35A.74.010
Chapter 35A.79 Property and materials 35A.79.010 – 35A.79.020
Chapter 35A.80 Public utilities 35A.80.010 – 35A.80.060
Chapter 35A.81 Public transportation 35A.81.010
Chapter 35A.82 Taxation — Excises 35A.82.010 – 35A.82.070
Chapter 35A.84 Taxation — Property 35A.84.010 – 35A.84.030
Chapter 35A.88 Harbors and navigation 35A.88.010 – 35A.88.030
Chapter 35A.90 Construction 35A.90.010 – 35A.90.020
Chapter 35A.92 Fire departments — Performance measures 35A.92.010 – 35A.92.050