The provisions of this article shall not be construed to require an employer to compensate an employee for participation in an investigation, hearing or inquiry held by an appropriate authority or impair the rights of any person under a collective bargaining or other labor management agreement.

Terms Used In West Virginia Code 6C-1-7

  • Appropriate authority: means a federal, state, county or municipal government body, agency or organization having jurisdiction over criminal law enforcement, regulatory violations, professional conduct or ethics, or waste. See West Virginia Code 6C-1-2
  • Employee: means a person who performs a full or part-time service for wages, salary, or other remuneration under a contract of hire, written or oral, express or implied, for a public body. See West Virginia Code 6C-1-2
  • Employer: means a person supervising one or more employees, including the employee in question, a superior of that supervisor, or an agent of a public body. See West Virginia Code 6C-1-2