61-8C-1 Definitions
61-8C-2 Use of minors in filming sexually explicit conduct prohibited; penalty
61-8C-3 Distribution and exhibiting of material depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct prohibited; penalty
61-8C-3a Prohibiting child erotica; penalties
61-8C-3b Prohibiting juveniles from manufacturing, possessing and distributing nude or partially nude images of minors; creating exemptions; declaring a violation to be an act of juvenile delinquency; and providing for the punishment thereof
61-8C-4 Payments of treatment costs for minor
61-8C-5 Limits on interviews of children eleven years old or less; evidence
61-8C-6 Legislative findings
61-8C-7 Items subject to forfeiture; persons authorized to seize property subject to forfeiture
61-8C-8 Procedures for seizure of forfeitable property
61-8C-9 Procedures for forfeiture
61-8C-10 Disposition of forfeited moneys, securities or other negotiable instruments; distribution of proceeds
61-8C-11 Disposition of other forfeited property; distribution of proceeds