(1)   The department or permit officer may refuse to grant permits in the case of minors who seem physically unable to perform the labor at which they are to be employed. They may also refuse to grant a permit if in their judgment the best interests of the minor would be served by that refusal.

Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 103.72

  • Minor: means a person who has not attained the age of 18 years, except that for purposes of investigating or prosecuting a person who is alleged to have violated a state or federal criminal law or any civil law or municipal ordinance, "minor" does not include a person who has attained the age of 17 years. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
  • Person: includes all partnerships, associations and bodies politic or corporate. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
   (2)   Whenever it appears to the department that a permit has been improperly or illegally issued, or that the physical or moral welfare or school attendance of the minor would be best served by the revocation of the permit or that the failing school performance of the minor would be remedied by the revocation of the permit, the department may immediately, without notice, revoke the permit. The department shall revoke a permit if ordered to do so under s. 938.342 (1g) (e). If the department revokes a permit, the department shall, by registered mail, notify the person employing the minor and the minor holding the permit of the revocation. Upon receipt of the notice, the employer employing the minor shall immediately return the revoked permit to the department and discontinue the employment of the minor.