(2)   Municipal consent. No spur tracks shall be constructed across, or upon any street, road or alley, within any city, village or town, until application therefor shall have been made to and acted upon by such city, village or town. The city may prescribe any reasonable terms and conditions for the construction of any such spur track. Construction of spur tracks across or upon any street, road, or alley is subject to the provisions of ch. 195.

Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 190.16

   (5)   Removal, when. When a spur track has been abandoned, as defined in s. 85.09, the office, after hearing held upon notice to all parties interested and for good cause shown may order the removal of the track except that, if no objection has been filed with the office within 20 days from the original notice, the office may without hearing authorize the removal of the track.