In this subchapter:

Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 218.20

   (1)   “Department” means the department of transportation.
   (1g)   “License period” means the period during which a license issued under s. 218.22 is effective, as established by the department under s. 218.22 (2) (b) 1.
   (1r)   “Motor vehicle salvage dealer” means a person who purchases and resells motor vehicles for wrecking, processing, scrapping, recycling, or dismantling purposes or who carries on or conducts the business of wrecking, processing, scrapping, or dismantling motor vehicles or selling parts of motor vehicles so processed. Motor vehicle salvage dealer includes a motor vehicle scavenger and a scrap metal processor or scrap metal dealer who acquires a motor vehicle for scrap or salvage.
   (1t)   “Motor vehicle scavenger” means a person who carries on or conducts the business of purchasing motor vehicles and reselling the vehicles to a motor vehicle salvage dealer or scrap metal processor.
   (1v)   “Scrap metal dealer” has the meaning given in s. 134.405 (1) (h).
   (2)   “Scrap metal processor” means a motor vehicle salvage dealer who sells no motor vehicles or motor vehicle parts and whose business is limited to a fixed location at which machinery and equipment are utilized for the processing and manufacturing of iron, steel or nonferrous metallic scrap into prepared grades and whose principal product is scrap iron, scrap steel or nonferrous metal scrap for sale for remelting purposes.