In this subchapter:

Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 448.60

   (1)   “Affiliated credentialing board” means the podiatry affiliated credentialing board.
   (2)   “Licensee” means a person who is licensed under this subchapter.
   (3)   “Podiatrist” means an individual possessing the degree of doctor of podiatric medicine or doctor of surgical chiropody or equivalent degree as determined by the affiliated credentialing board, and holding a license to practice podiatry or podiatric medicine and surgery granted by the affiliated credentialing board.
   (4)   “Podiatry” or “podiatric medicine and surgery” means that branch or system of the practice of medicine and surgery that involves treating the sick which is limited to conditions affecting the foot and ankle, but does not include the use of a general anesthetic unless administered by or under the direction of a person licensed to practice medicine and surgery under subch. II.
   (5)   “Unprofessional conduct” means an act or attempted act of commission or omission, as defined by the affiliated credentialing board by rule under s. 448.695 (1), or an act by a podiatrist in violation of ch. 450 or 961.