(1)   Within 30 days after receipt of a report under s. 50.36 (3) (c), the affiliated credentialing board shall notify the licensee, in writing, of the substance of the report. The licensee and the licensee’s authorized representative may examine the report and may place into the record a statement, of reasonable length, of the licensee’s view of the correctness or relevance of any information in the report. The licensee may institute an action in circuit court to amend or expunge any part of the licensee’s record related to the report.

Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 448.68

   (2)   If the affiliated credentialing board determines that a report submitted under s. 50.36 (3) (c) is without merit or that the licensee has sufficiently improved his or her conduct, the affiliated credentialing board shall remove the report from the licensee’s record. If no report about a licensee is filed under s. 50.36 (3) (c) for 2 consecutive years, the licensee may petition the affiliated credentialing board to remove any prior reports, which did not result in disciplinary action, from his or her record.
   (3)   Upon the request of a hospital, the affiliated credentialing board shall provide the hospital with all information relating to a licensee’s loss, reduction or suspension of staff privileges from other hospitals and all information relating to the licensee’s being found guilty of unprofessional conduct. In this subsection, “hospital” has the meaning specified under s. 50.33 (2).