Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 63.085

The director of personnel, with the approval of the commission, may prepare without examination special lists of eligible persons certified as having a severe physical or mental impairment and as being physically and mentally capable and adequately trained to qualify for a position in the classified service. The names of persons placed on the special list shall be certified to the appointing authority in addition to those certified under s. 63.05 (1) (b). The director shall determine that a person on the special list meets the minimum qualifications for a vacant position prior to certifying the person to the appointing authority for the position. The appointing authority may appoint a person from the special list to a temporary appointment for a period of 6 months. Successful demonstration of the ability to perform the duties of a position under a temporary appointment shall qualify a person for permanent appointment to the position. The director may fix the maximum number of persons who may be appointed from the special list of eligibles under this section.