There shall be 3 classes of legal notices under this chapter. The designated number of insertions is the minimum required by law, and the frequency may be increased at the discretion of the requisitioning agency.

Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 985.07

  • insertion: when used to indicate the publication of a legal notice more than one time, means once each week for consecutive weeks, the last of which shall be at least one week before the act or event, unless otherwise specified by law. See Wisconsin Statutes 985.01
  • Legal notice: means every notice required by law or by order of a court to be published in a newspaper or other publication, except notices required by private and local laws to be published in newspapers, and includes all of the following:
      (a)    Every publication of laws, ordinances, resolutions, financial statements, budgets and proceedings intended to give notice in an area. See Wisconsin Statutes 985.01
   (1)   Class 1 notices. All notices designated as class 1 notices require one insertion.
   (2)   Class 2 notices. All notices designated as class 2 notices require 2 insertions.
   (3)   Class 3 notices.
      (a)    All notices designated as class 3 notices require 3 insertions.
      (b)    Any legal notice not otherwise designated shall be a class 3 notice unless the time permitted by law necessitates a class 2 or class 1 notice, except that any notice required by law on January 2, 1966, which is not otherwise designated, shall be a class 1 notice.
   (4)   The classification provided herein does not apply to notices of public election or referenda or to notices governed by s. 815.31 but such notices shall be governed by the specific statutes relating thereto.