§ 895.475 Exemption from civil liability for furnishing safety inspection or advisory services
§ 895.478 Civil liability exemption; opioid antagonists
§ 895.48 Civil liability exemption; emergency medical care
§ 895.4802 Civil liability exemption; hazardous materials
§ 895.4803 Civil liability exemption; information concerning paternity
§ 895.481 Civil liability exemption; equine activities
§ 895.482 Civil liability exemption; ski patrol members
§ 895.483 Civil liability exemption; regional and local emergency response teams and their sponsoring agencies
§ 895.484 Civil liability exemption; entering a vehicle to render assistance
§ 895.485 Civil liability exemption; out-of-home care providers and child-placing agencies
§ 895.486 Civil immunity exemption; reports of insurance fraud
§ 895.487 Civil liability exemption; employment references
§ 895.488 Civil liability exemption; owner or person in lawful possession of the premises
§ 895.489 Civil liability exemption; tenancy references
§ 895.497 Civil liability exemption: furnishing safety services relating to child safety restraint systems
§ 895.501 Civil liability exemption; credit card reencoders and scanning devices
§ 895.506 Civil liability exemption; weight gain and obesity claims
§ 895.51 Civil liability exemption: food or emergency household products; donation, sale, or distribution
§ 895.512 Civil liability exemption; access to toilet facility
§ 895.514 Civil liability exemption; Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan and Authority
§ 895.515 Civil liability exemption; equipment or technology donation
§ 895.517 Civil liability exemption: solid waste donation or sale
§ 895.519 Civil liability exemption; private campgrounds
§ 895.52 Recreational activities; limitation of property owners’ liability
§ 895.523 Recreational activities in a school building or on school grounds; limitation of liability
§ 895.524 Participation in an agricultural tourism activity; limitations on civil liability, assumption of risk
§ 895.525 Participation in recreational activities; restrictions on civil liability, assumption of risk
§ 895.526 Participation in an alpine sport; restrictions on civil liability, assumption of risk
§ 895.5265 Civil liability exemption; placement of certain structures in waterways
§ 895.527 Sport shooting range activities; limitations on liability and restrictions on operation
§ 895.528 Civil liability exemption; placement of markers in waterways
§ 895.529 Civil liability limitation; duty of care owed to trespassers
§ 895.53 Civil and criminal liability exemption; tests for intoxication
§ 895.535 Civil and criminal liability exemption; body cavity search
§ 895.54 Liability exemption; notification of release
§ 895.55 Liability exemption; oil discharge control
§ 895.555 Civil liability exemption; anhydrous ammonia
§ 895.56 Liability exemption; handling of petroleum-contaminated soil under contract with the department of transportation
§ 895.57 Damages and immunity; unauthorized release of animals
§ 895.58 Liability exemption; use of special waste under public works contracts
§ 895.61 Asbestos successor corporation; limitation on liability
§ 895.62 Use of force in response to unlawful and forcible entry into a dwelling, motor vehicle, or place of business; civil liability immunity

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