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Defenses - State Laws

AlabamaAlabama Code > Title 13A > Chapter 3 - Defenses
DelawareDelaware Code Title 11 > Chapter 4 - Defenses To Criminal Liability
IowaIowa Code Chapter 704 - Force -- reasonable or deadly -- defenses
MaineMaine Revised Statutes > Title 17-A > Chapter 5 - Defenses And Affirmative Defenses; Justification
MichiganMichigan Laws > Chapter 780 > Act 310 of 2006 - Deadly Force
North DakotaNorth Dakota Code > Chapter 12.1-04 - Juveniles - Intoxication - Defenses
North Dakota Code > Chapter 12.1-05 - Justification - Excuse - Affirmative Defenses
South DakotaSouth Dakota Laws > Title 22 > Chapter 5 - Defenses
TexasTexas Penal Code > Title 2 > Chapter 8 - General Defenses to Criminal Responsibility
UtahUtah Code > Title 77 > Chapter 14 - Defenses
WisconsinWisconsin Statutes > Chapter 939 > Subchapter III - Defenses To Criminal Liability


Questions & Answers: Defenses

if a matter is settled in civil court in alabama can it moved to louisiana an retried....
I have been repeatedly intimidated and threatened over several decades by a male sibling. He holds at least three black belts in Taekwondo. Although I have clearly requested he de...
My wifes ex husband is very unstable and was abusive to her during there marrige and he lives in kentucky but seceretly comes to wisconsin (where we reside). I am worried for her s...
Is there any law or regulation that states that a victim of a physical attack or abuse has to wait until the attacker has struck said victim, three times before the victim is allow...
My step son got jumped by 2 kids but there was a total of ten kids surrounding him. They said he cut two of those kids but if he did it was in self defense. Police have not found a...
This is a question re: a 704/404 or 406. He a person has committed a certain number of misdemeanors within a a certain perior of time, does that not increase their consequence/sent...
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