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Hawaii Revised Statutes 576D-4 - Establishment of paternity

Hawaii Revised Statutes > Division 3 > Title 31 > Chapter 576D > § 576D-4. Establishment of paternity

Current as of: 2010

  When necessary to obtain child support for a child under section 576D-3, the agency shall take any legal or administrative action to establish the paternity of the child.  The agency shall undertake the action on behalf of the State, child, custodial parent of the child, or any other person for whom the agency has a duty to obtain or enforce a child support order.

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Questions & Answers: Child support collection

There needs to be more limitations to the tribal ( Indian) laws!!...
Is there an annual fee of $65 as a receiving and disbursing fee to be deducted from the obligor's income? ...
What exactly is meant by "... the child support obligation is being enforced."...
Brett, That's a very good question. The statute isn't clear at all. My best guess is that it means that the department is only under an obligation to take action if someone contact...

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Federal Regulations: Child support collection

CFR > Title 45 > Subtitle B > Chapter III - Office of Child Support Enforcement (Child Support Enforcement Program), Administration for Children and Families, Department of Health and Human Services
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