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Indiana Code > Title 8 > Article 22 > Chapter 3 - Local Airport Authorities

§ 8-22-3-0.3Transfer of board of aviation commissioners after January 25, 1985; applicable law
§ 8-22-3-1Establishment; jurisdiction; name
§ 8-22-3-1.1Establishment of airport authorities in Allen County
§ 8-22-3-2Remonstrance against establishment of authority; petition; certification
§ 8-22-3-3Executive and legislative powers of board
§ 8-22-3-4Members of board
§ 8-22-3-4.1Members of board for county having consolidated city
§ 8-22-3-4.2Authority established under IC8-22-3-1.1; members of board
§ 8-22-3-4.3Members of certain boards
§ 8-22-3-4.3Members of certain boards; annual financial audit; annual report
§ 8-22-3-4.4General assembly findings regarding board of Indianapolis Airport


§ 8-22-3-4.5Members of a board established by Clark County
§ 8-22-3-5Board membership; prerequisites; restrictions
§ 8-22-3-6Appointment of board members; staggered terms; vacancies; reappointment; impeachment
§ 8-22-3-6.1Authority established under IC8-22-3-1.1; appointment of board members; terms; vacancies; reappointment; impeachment
§ 8-22-3-6.5Cooperation agreements with contiguous counties
§ 8-22-3-7Conflicts of interest
§ 8-22-3-8Compensation and expenses
§ 8-22-3-9Election of officers; meetings; record of proceedings; internal affairs
§ 8-22-3-9Election of officers; meetings; record of proceedings; internal affairs
§ 8-22-3-10Proposal and adoption of ordinances
§ 8-22-3-11Powers and duties of board
§ 8-22-3-11.6Consolidation of law enforcement and fire protection
§ 8-22-3-12Contracts for improvements and purchases
§ 8-22-3-13Damages for breach of agreements; penalties for violations; injuries to properties; publication of rules and regulations
§ 8-22-3-14Establishment of restricted zones; eminent domain; zoning jurisdiction
§ 8-22-3-15Eminent domain; procedures
§ 8-22-3-16Issuance of bonds
§ 8-22-3-17Special tax levy; collection; bonds exempt from taxation
§ 8-22-3-18Capital improvements; revenue bond issues and related matters
§ 8-22-3-19Temporary loans; loan contracts; requirements; tax exemption
§ 8-22-3-20Treasurer
§ 8-22-3-21Annual report of accounts
§ 8-22-3-22Audit of records; submission of records of account
§ 8-22-3-23Budget
§ 8-22-3-24Assessment and collection of tax levy; transfer to authority's cumulative building fund
§ 8-22-3-25Cumulative building fund; levy and investment of tax; limitations on spending for intrastate air transportation
§ 8-22-3-26Board to act as board of finance
§ 8-22-3-27Officers' and employees' bonds
§ 8-22-3-28Public necessity and benefit; tax exemption of leasehold interests
§ 8-22-3-29Assistance to other entity or authority
§ 8-22-3-30Expenses before tax collection
§ 8-22-3-31Federal, public, or private grants of funds
§ 8-22-3-32Violations; offense
§ 8-22-3-33Transfer of powers and duties to airport authority
§ 8-22-3-34Special police; powers
§ 8-22-3-35Sale of aviation land, buildings, or improvements
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