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Article 1General Provisions1-100 - 1-106
Article 2Party Organization2-100 - 2-126
Article 3Election Officials
Article 4Proceedings Preliminary to Registration, Enrollment and Elections4-100 - 4-138
Article 5Registration and Enrollment of Voters
Article 6Designation and Nomination of Candidates6-100 - 6-168
Article 7Election Ballot
Article 8Conduct of Elections
Article 9Canvass of Results
Article 10Voting by Members of Armed Forces10-102 - 10-126
Article 11Special Presidential and Special Federal Voters and Special Ballots
Article 12Presidential Electors and Federal Elected Officers
Article 13Annual Political Calendar13-104 - 13-114
Article 14Campaign Receipts and Expenditures14-100 - 14-130
Article 15Village Elections15-100 - 15-138
Article 16Judicial Proceedings16-100 - 16-120
Article 17Violations of the Elective Franchise17-100 - 17-170
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KJ Amb: ...
is there a law in NYS or federal law that says a relative cannot be a teller?

July 18, 2013

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