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Vermont Statutes Title 8 - Banking and Insurance

Vermont Statutes > Title 8 - Banking and Insurance

Current as of: 2010
Chapter 1Policy and Administration
Chapter 3The Commissioner
Chapter 51Supervision and Regulation
Chapter 52Holidays and Closings
Chapter 53Organization
Chapter 55Management and Operation
Chapter 56Interstate Banking
Chapter 57Investments and Loans
Chapter 59Trust Business
Chapter 60Reorganization of Mutual Savings Banks Into Mutual
Chapter 61Safe Deposit Boxes
Chapter 62Trust Subsidiaries
Chapter 63Protection of Assets and Rights of Creditors
Chapter 65Development Credit Corporations
Chapter 67Cooperative Savings and Loan Associations and Buil
Chapter 69Foreign Building and Loan Associations
Chapter 73Licensed Lenders
Chapter 75Basic Banking
Chapter 77Independent Trust Companies
Chapter 79Money Services
Chapter 81Gift Certificates
Chapter 83Debt Adjusters
Chapter 85Loan Servicers
Chapter 101Insurance Companies Generally
Chapter 103Life Insurance Policies and Annuity Contracts
Chapter 105Fire and Casualty Insurance
Chapter 107Health Insurance
Chapter 109Credit Life Insurance and Credit Accident and Heal
Chapter 110Vermont Health Insurance Plan
Chapter 111Fidelity, Surety and Annuity Companies
Chapter 112Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association
Chapter 113Liability Insurance
Chapter 115Livestock Insurance
Chapter 117Workers' Compensation Insurance
Chapter 119Fraternal Beneficiary Orders and Associations
Chapter 121Fraternal Benefit Societies
Chapter 123Nonprofit Hospital Service Corporations
Chapter 125Nonprofit Medical Service Corporations
Chapter 127Insurance Rating Organizations
Chapter 128Property and Casualty Insurance Rate Regulation
Chapter 129Insurance Trade Practices
Chapter 130Insurance Fraud
Chapter 131Licensing Requirements
Chapter 132Reciprocal Insurers
Chapter 133Debt Adjusters
Chapter 135Insurance Policies
Chapter 137Vermont Joint Underwriting Associations
Chapter 138Nonadmitted Insurers
Chapter 139Health Maintenance Organization
Chapter 141Captive Insurance Companies
Chapter 142Risk Retention Groups and Purchasing Groups
Chapter 142ARisk Retention Managing General Agents and Reinsur
Chapter 143Insurance Premium Finance Companies
Chapter 145Supervision, Rehabilitation and Liquidation of Ins
Chapter 151Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Chapter 153Long-Term Care Insurance
Chapter 154Long-Term Care Insurance
Chapter 155Disclosure of Material Transactions
Chapter 157Transfer and Assumption of Insurance Contracts
Chapter 159Risk Based Capital for Life and Health Insurers
Chapter 165Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact
Chapter 200Consumer Protection
Chapter 201Supervision; Definitions
Chapter 202Organization and Management of Investor-Owned Fina
Chapter 203Organization and Management of Mutual and Cooperat
Chapter 204Powers of Financial Institutions
Chapter 205Branches
Chapter 206Conversions
Chapter 207Merger, Share Exchange, Consolidations and Acquisi
Chapter 208Effect of Merger, Share Exchange, Consolidation, C
Chapter 209Conservation, Liquidation and Insolvency
Chapter 210Mutual Or Cooperative Holding Company
Chapter 220Supervision and Regulation
Chapter 221Organization and Management of Credit Union
Chapter 222Powers
Chapter 223Offices, Out-Of-State Offices, and Offices of Stat
Chapter 224Merger and Acquisition
Chapter 225Conversions
Chapter 226Suspension, Liquidation, Insolvency, Conservation,


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