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Wisconsin Statutes 440.12 - Credential denial, nonrenewal and revocation based on tax delinquency

Wisconsin Statutes > Chapter 440 > Subchapter I > 440.12

Current as of: 2013

Notwithstanding any other provision of chs. 440 to 480 relating to issuance or renewal of a credential, the department shall deny an application for an initial credential or credential renewal or revoke a credential if the department of revenue certifies under s. 73.0301 that the applicant or credential holder is liable for delinquent taxes, as defined in s. 73.0301 (1) (c).

Wisconsin Statutes 440.11 - Change of name or addressSubchapter I Table of ContentsWisconsin Statutes 440.121 - Credential denial, nonrenewal, and revocation based on incompetency



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