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The Probate Process

Last Updated March 4, 2009
Probate is a court-supervised legal proceeding in which a deceased person's property is collected, his debts settled, and the assets of the estate transferred to his beneficiaries or heirs.

Avoiding Probate

Last Updated August 11, 2009
A person's estate can be structured in such a fashion that one's assets pass outside of probate. This saves time, frustration, and most importantly, money. A good estate plan can accomplish all of this and distribute a person's property according to his wishes while minimizing income, estate, and inheritance taxes, attorney's fees, and administrative costs.

Wills and Estates - Selected State Laws

AlabamaAlabama Code > Title 43 - Wills And Decedents' Estates
AlaskaAlaska Statutes Title 13 - Decedents' Estates, Guardianships, Transfers, Trusts, And Health Care Decisions
ArizonaArizona Laws > Title 14
CaliforniaCalifornia Probate Code
DelawareDelaware Code Title 12 - Decedents' Estates and Fiduciary Relations
FloridaFlorida Statutes > Title XLII - Estates and Trusts
HawaiiHawaii Revised Statutes Title 29 - Decedents' Estates
Hawaii Revised Statutes Title 30 - Guardians And Trustees
Hawaii Revised Statutes Title 30A - Uniform Probate Code
IdahoIdaho Code Title 14 - Estates Of Decedents
Idaho Code Title 15 - Uniform Probate Code
IllinoisIllinois Compiled Statutes > Chapter 755 - Estates
Illinois Compiled Statutes > Chapter 760 - Trusts and Fiduciaries
KansasKansas Statutes > Chapter 59 - Probate Code
LouisianaLouisiana Revised Statutes > Title 9 > Chapter 5 - Of Forced Heirs
MaineMaine Revised Statutes Title 18 - Decedents' Estates And Fiduciary Relations
MarylandMaryland Code > Estates and Trusts
MassachusettsMassachusetts General Laws > Part II > Title II - Descent And Distribution, Wills, Estates Of Deceased Persons And Absentees, Guardianship, Conservatorship And Trusts
MichiganMichigan Laws > Chapter 555 - Uses and Trusts
Michigan Laws > Chapter 556 - Powers of Appointment
Michigan Laws > Chapter 700 - Estates and Protected Individuals Code
Michigan Laws > Chapters 701-713 - Probate Code
Michigan Laws 710.21 - Short title of act; Michigan adoption code
Michigan Laws 710.21a - General purposes of chapter
Michigan Laws 710.21b - Court order or decree issued in another country; rights and obligations of parties
Michigan Laws 710.22 - Definitions
Michigan Laws 710.22a - Adoption placement or issuance of order prohibited; convictions
Michigan Laws 710.23 - Hearing appeal brought under MCL 400.115k; powers of court
Michigan Laws 710.23a - Direct placement by parent or guardian of child for adoption; temporary placement; formal placement; selection by parent or guardian not delegated; information to be provided by prospective adoptive parent, adoption attorney, or ch
Michigan Laws 710.23b - Placement of child by child placing agency or department of social services; written authorization from parent or guardian for temporary placement; assistance; involvement of parent or guardian in selection of adoptive parent; vali
Michigan Laws 710.23c - Placement of child by court
Michigan Laws 710.23d - Temporary placement; procedures
Michigan Laws 710.23e - Temporary placement; hearing to determine custody; petition; ex parte order to return child to parent or guardian; petition requesting court jurisdiction; temporary disposition; powers of court; act as exclusive remedy
Michigan Laws 710.23f - Preplacement assessment
Michigan Laws 710.24 - Petition for adoption; filing; jurisdiction; verification; contents; preplacement assessments; omission of certain identifying information
Michigan Laws 710.24a - Interested parties; appointment of guardian to defeat parent's status as interested party
Michigan Laws 710.25 - Proceedings; priority; disposition; adjournment or continuance
Michigan Laws 710.26 - Documentation required; informing adoptee and adoptive parents of MCL 710.27a, 710.27b, 710.68, 710.68a, and 710.68b; applicability of subsection (2); providing adoptee and adoptive parents with list of adoption support groups; appl
Michigan Laws 710.27 - Nonidentifying information to be provided prospective adoptive parent; time of submission; supplemental information; compilation; maintenance; transmission; destruction of information as misdemeanor; forwarding adoption records; ado
Michigan Laws 710.27a - Statement consenting to or denying release of identifying information; statement providing notice that former parent deceased; statement releasing adult former sibling's name and address; presumption of release of certain identifyi
Michigan Laws 710.27b - Central adoption registry; establishment; maintenance; statements to be kept on file; forms; transmission of clearance reply; attachments; transmission of statement releasing former adult sibling's name and address
Michigan Laws 710.28 - Release; persons authorized to execute; release to child placing agency or department; advising parent or guardian of child placing agencies; advising agencies of child's availability for adoption; release of child by agency to depa
Michigan Laws 710.29 - Release; separate instrument; persons before whom release executed and acknowledged; execution in another state or country; investigation; explaining legal rights to parent or guardian; order terminating rights; order committing chi
Michigan Laws 710.31 - Child born out of wedlock; inability to obtain release or consent of natural father; release by mother; petition of dependency or neglect; order authorizing temporary care; delaying formal execution of mother's release
Michigan Laws 710.33 - Notice of intent to claim paternity
Michigan Laws 710.34 - Ex parte petition evidencing intent to release or consent; notice of intent to release or consent; form
Michigan Laws 710.36 - Hearing to determine whether child born out of wedlock and to determine identity and rights of father; filing proof of service of notice of intent or acknowledgment; copy of notice of intent to claim paternity; notice of hearing; co
Michigan Laws 710.37 - Termination of rights of putative father
Michigan Laws 710.39 - Inquiry into fitness of putative father; determining best interests of child; termination of rights of putative father; order granting custody to putative father and legitimating child; fee; report
Michigan Laws 710.41 - Conditions to placing child in home for purpose of adoption; adoption by foster parent or by petitioner married to parent having legal custody
Michigan Laws 710.43 - Consent to adoption; persons authorized to execute
Michigan Laws 710.44 - Consent to adoption; separate instrument; persons before whom consent executed and acknowledged; execution in another state or country; investigation; explaining legal rights of parent or guardian; conditions to execution of adoptee
Michigan Laws 710.45 - Withholding of consent by representative or court; motion by petitioner; decision by court; termination of rights; entering orders; appeal
Michigan Laws 710.46 - Investigation; considerations; report; waiver
Michigan Laws 710.51 - Order terminating rights of parents or person in loco parentis; extension of time; conditions; child as ward of court; termination of jurisdiction; marriage of petitioner to parent having legal custody; placement without making chil
Michigan Laws 710.52 - Supervision of child; reports
Michigan Laws 710.54 - Prohibitions as to money or other consideration or thing of value; statement; compensation for certain activities prohibited; payment of charges; documents filed with court; assuring compliance; approval of fees and expenses; violat
Michigan Laws 710.55 - Persons authorized to place child for adoption or solicit biological or adoptive parents; violation as misdemeanor; penalty;
Michigan Laws 710.55a - Representation by attorney
Michigan Laws 710.56 - Order of adoption; time; waiver; extension of time; hearing; effect of filing petition for rehearing or appeal from order terminating parental rights; conditions; adoption of adult
Michigan Laws 710.58 - Order of adoption; certified copies
Michigan Laws 710.58a - Information to be forwarded by court;
Michigan Laws 710.59 - Changing name of adopted child; effect on order of adoption and exemplification of record
Michigan Laws 710.60 - Adoptee to be known and called by new name; status and liability of persons adopting adoptee; rights and duties of adopted person; adopted person as heir at law; order for grandparenting time
Michigan Laws 710.62 - Effect of denying order of adoption
Michigan Laws 710.63 - Denial of petition or motion or failure to issue order; statement by court
Michigan Laws 710.64 - Rehearing; modifying or setting aside order; entering order with respect to original hearing or rehearing of contested matters
Michigan Laws 710.65 - Appeal to court of appeals; staying court order pending appeal; priority
Michigan Laws 710.66 - Adult adoptee; rescinding adoption by stepparent and restoring parental rights of parent; rescission petition; filing new certificate of birth; hearing; certified copies; effect of entry of order of rescission
Michigan Laws 710.67 - Disposition of adoption records; copying or inspecting records; petition; notice and hearing; granting or denying petition; disclosing names of biological or adoptive parents; certified copy of new birth certificate; powers and duti
Michigan Laws 710.68 - Nonidentifying and identifying information; request; availability; release; request for adoption record information; identity of court or child placing agency; counseling; list of adoption support groups; transmitting information of
Michigan Laws 710.68a - Providing information pamphlet, list of adoption support groups, and information about MCL 710.27a, 710.27b, 710.68 and 710.68b; placement of requester's current address in adoption files
Michigan Laws 710.68b - Definitions; petition to appoint confidential intermediary to search for and contact former family member; approval; training; oath of confidentiality; duties of confidential intermediary; acceptance of money or other value; failur
Michigan Laws 710.69 - Violation of MCL 710.41 as felony
Michigan Laws 710.70 - Prior adoption proceedings or orders of adoption
Michigan Laws 711.1 - Order changing name of adult, minor, or spouse and minor children
Michigan Laws 711.2 - Fee; certified copy of order
Michigan Laws 711.3 - Publication or availability of record of proceeding; placement of individual in physical danger; violation as misdemeanor; exemption;
Michigan Laws 712.1 - Short title of chapter; definitions
Michigan Laws 712.2 - Newborn surrendered to emergency service provider; court jurisdiction; effect of other provisions of law; immunity from civil action
Michigan Laws 712.2a - Confidentiality
Michigan Laws 712.3 - Conduct of emergency service provider
Michigan Laws 712.5 - Transfer of newborn to hospital; physician report of abuse, neglect, or child not a newborn; notice to child placing agency
Michigan Laws 712.7 - Duties of child placing agency
Michigan Laws 712.10 - Custody action by surrendering or nonsurrendering parent; filing; hearing; determination of paternity or maternity
Michigan Laws 712.11 - Blood or tissue typing or DNA identification profiling; presumption; costs; dismissal of custody petition
Michigan Laws 712.14 - Determination of custody; basis; newborn's best interest; factors
Michigan Laws 712.15 - Court order
Michigan Laws 712.17 - Release or termination of parental rights to newborn
Michigan Laws 712.20 - Safe delivery program; establishment
Michigan Laws 712A.1 - Definitions; proceedings not considered criminal proceedings; construction of chapter
Michigan Laws 712A.2 - Authority and jurisdiction of court
Michigan Laws 712A.2a - Continuing jurisdiction beyond maximum age; voluntary foster care; definitions
Michigan Laws 712A.2b - Violation of vehicle code or corresponding ordinance; procedure
Michigan Laws 712A.2c - Court order authorizing apprehension of juvenile; contents of order; interference with execution of order; penalty
Michigan Laws 712A.2d - Juvenile to be tried as adult; designation by prosecuting attorney or court; factors; probable cause hearing; setting case for trial; proceedings as criminal proceedings; disposition or imposition of sentence;
Michigan Laws 712A.2e - Waiver of jurisdiction over civil infractions; agreement
Michigan Laws 712A.3 - Criminal charge against person under age 17; transfer of case to family division of circuit court
Michigan Laws 712A.3a - Prior order of another court affecting child's welfare; notice, filing, service, disclosure
Michigan Laws 712A.4 - Waiver of jurisdiction when child of 14 or older accused of felony
Michigan Laws 712A.5 - Jurisdiction over juvenile after 18 years of age
Michigan Laws 712A.6 - Jurisdiction; adults
Michigan Laws 712A.6a - Hearing; attendance by parent or guardian required; exception; failure to attend
Michigan Laws 712A.6b - Order affecting nonparent adult
Michigan Laws 712A.7 - Juvenile division of probate court; register of probate; appointment, duties, salary
Michigan Laws 712A.8 - County agent; creation of office; duties; assistants
Michigan Laws 712A.9 - Probation officers; appointment, compensation, duties; notification to social welfare office
Michigan Laws 712A.9a - Probation
Michigan Laws 712A.10 - Designation of probation officer or county agent as referee; duties of referee
Michigan Laws 712A.11 - Preliminary inquiry; petition; effect of juvenile attaining seventeenth birthday; fingerprints; amendment of petition or other court record; offer of court services
Michigan Laws 712A.12 - Examination of child; hearing; summons
Michigan Laws 712A.13 - Service of summons
Michigan Laws 712A.13a - Definitions; petition; release of juvenile; order removing abusive person from home; placement of child; foster care; conditions; duty of court to inform parties; criminal record check and central registry clearance; family-like s
Michigan Laws 712A.13b - Change in foster care placement
Michigan Laws 712A.14 - Officers or county agent authorized to take child into custody; notice; detention facility; release of child; preliminary hearing; order; placement of child; foster care home services
Michigan Laws 712A.15 - Detention of child pending hearing; release of child; petition; limitation on custody of child pending hearing; detention in secure facility, cell, or other secure area designed to incarcerate adults; exception
Michigan Laws 712A.16 - Detention and care of juvenile
Michigan Laws 712A.17 - Hearing; informality; adjournment; transcript; jury; giving security for appearance of juvenile; appearance by prosecuting attorney; legal consultant or legal representation; admitting foster care review board member to hearing; cl
Michigan Laws 712A.17a - Hearings; record, tape recordings, transcription
Michigan Laws 712A.17b - Definitions; proceedings to which section applicable; use of dolls or mannequins; support person; notice; videorecorded statement; shielding of witness; videorecorded deposition; special arrangements to protect welfare of witness;
Michigan Laws 712A.17c - Advising child or respondent of right to attorney; appointment of attorney; waiver; appointment of lawyer-guardian ad litem; costs; service until discharged by court; assistance to court
Michigan Laws 712A.17d - Lawyer-guardian ad litem; powers and duties
Michigan Laws 712A.18 - Orders of disposition; reimbursement; hearing; guidelines and model schedule; restitution; condition of probation; community service; fingerprints; report to state police; payment of assessment; registration of juvenile provided in
Michigan Laws 712A.18a - Placement or commitment of ward of the court to out-of-state institutions
Michigan Laws 712A.18b - Reimbursement order; failure to comply, contempt of court; assignment of wages
Michigan Laws 712A.18c - Retention of jurisdiction of child committed under MCL 712A.18(1)(e); effective date of subsection (2); annual review; release of child
Michigan Laws 712A.18d - Juvenile committed under MCL 712A.18(1)(e); review hearing; burden of proof; determination; notice; legal counsel; costs; commitment reports; section nonapplicable to juvenile convicted of crime under chapter
Michigan Laws 712A.18e - Application for entry of order setting aside adjudication; filing; contents; submitting copy of application and fingerprints; report; fee; serving copy of application on attorney general and prosecuting attorney; contesting applic
Michigan Laws 712A.18f - Report; preparation and contents of case service plan; order of disposition; updating and revising case service plan; rules; review by child's physician in case of abuse and neglect
Michigan Laws 712A.18g - Commitment under MCL 712A.18(1)(e)
Michigan Laws 712A.18h - Commitment to department of corrections prohibited; exception
Michigan Laws 712A.18i - Delay in sentencing
Michigan Laws 712A.18j - Escape by juvenile from facility or residence; notification;
Michigan Laws 712A.18k - DNA identification profiling; providing samples for chemical testing; disclosure; definitions
Michigan Laws 712A.18m - Payment of costs; minimum amounts; disposition; definitions
Michigan Laws 712A.19 - Termination of cause; supplemental order of disposition; review hearing; notice of review hearing; factors to be reviewed; modification of plan; determination as to placement; order; determination as to review; issuance of order wi
Michigan Laws 712A.19a - Permanency planning hearing; conditions; time limitation; reunion of child and family not required; purpose; obtaining child's views regarding permanency plan; consideration of out-of-state placement; notice; statement; return of
Michigan Laws 712A.19b - Termination of parental rights to child; petition; hearing; record; findings; opinion or order; notice of hearing; suspension of parenting time; grounds for termination;
Michigan Laws 712A.19c - Review hearing of child's placement after termination of parental rights; appointment of guardian; applicability of section
Michigan Laws 712A.20 - Temporary or permanent custody
Michigan Laws 712A.21 - Petition for rehearing; affirming, modifying, or setting aside order; conduct of rehearing; order for supplemental disposition; applicability of section to criminal proceeding;
Michigan Laws 712A.22 - Annual report
Michigan Laws 712A.23 - Use of evidence against juvenile
Michigan Laws 712A.24 - Placement in institutions; summary of information; conveyance of child; progress report
Michigan Laws 712A.25 - Payment of expenses
Michigan Laws 712A.26 - Contempt of court; punishment
Michigan Laws 712A.27 - Quarters, equipment and supplies for use of juvenile division
Michigan Laws 712A.28 - Case records; opening records; order in respect to payments by parent; copy; publicizing action taken against parents or adult; administration of court; reports; form; copies; definitions
Michigan Laws 712A.29 - Allocation and application of money collected;
Michigan Laws 712A.30
Michigan Laws 712A.31 - Determining amount of restitution; factors in disposition report; disclosure of matters described in subsection (1); burden of demonstrating amount or type of restitution
Michigan Laws 712A.32 - Order to appear for identification; notice of right to attorney; appointment of attorney
Michigan Laws > Chapter 720 - Probate
MinnesotaMinnesota Statutes - Fiduciaries; Powers of Attorney
Minnesota Statutes - Estates of Decedents; Guardianships
MissouriMissouri Laws > Title XXXI
MontanaMontana Code Title 72 - Estates, Trusts, And Fiduciary Relationships
NebraskaNebraska Statutes > Chapter 30 - Decedents' Estates; Protection Of Persons And Property
NevadaNevada Revised Statutes > Title 13 - Guardianships; Conservatorships; Trusts
New MexicoNew Mexico Statutes Chapter 45 - Uniform Probate Code
New Mexico Statutes Chapter 46 - Fiduciaries and Trusts
New YorkNew York Laws - Estates, Powers & Trusts
New YorkNew York Laws > Estates, Powers &Trusts
OregonOregon Statutes > Title 13 - Protective Proceedings; Powers of Attorney; Trusts
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Code > Title 21 - Estates, Trusts, Guardians and Fiduciaries
South Carolina Code > Title 62 - South Carolina Probate Code
South DakotaSouth Dakota Laws > Title 29A - Uniform Probate Code
TexasTexas Estates Code
Texas Probate Code
Texas Probate Code 10A - Necessary Party
Texas Probate Code 11 - Applications and Other Papers to Be Filed With Clerk
Texas Probate Code 12 - Costs and Security Therefor
UtahUtah Code > Title 75 - Utah Uniform Probate Code
VermontVermont Statutes Title 14 - Decedents' Estates and Fiduciary Relations
VirginiaVirginia Code Title 55 > Chapter 2 - Educational, Literary and Charitable Gifts, Devises, etc
Virginia Code Title 64.1 - Wills and Decedents' Estates


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