When used in this subpart, the following terms shall have the meanings given below:

Expected surface pressure means the highest pressure predicted to be exerted upon the surface of a well. In calculating expected surface pressure, you must consider reservoir pressure as well as applied surface pressure.

Routine operations mean any of the following operations conducted on a well with the tree installed:

(a) Cutting paraffin;

(b) Removing and setting pump-through-type tubing plugs, gas-lift valves, and subsurface safety valves which can be removed by wireline operations;

(c) Bailing sand;

(d) Pressure surveys;

(e) Swabbing;

(f) Scale or corrosion treatment;

(g) Caliper and gauge surveys;

(h) Corrosion inhibitor treatment;

(i) Removing or replacing subsurface pumps;

(j) Through-tubing logging (diagnostics);

(k) Wireline fishing; and

(l) Setting and retrieving other subsurface flow-control devices.

Workover operations mean the work conducted on wells after the initial completion for the purpose of maintaining or restoring the productivity of a well.