Chapter 1 United States Bureau of Mines
Chapter 2 Mineral Lands and Regulations in General
Chapter 3 Lands Containing Coal, Oil, Gas, Salts, Asphaltic Materials, Sodium, Sulphur, and Building Stone
Chapter 3A Leases and Prospecting Permits
Chapter 4 Lease of Gold, Silver, or Quicksilver Deposits When Title Confirmed by Court of Private Land Claims
Chapter 5 Lease of Oil and Gas Deposits in or Under Railroads and Other Rights-of-Way
Chapter 7 Lease of Mineral Deposits Within Acquired Lands
Chapter 8 Development of Lignite Coal Resources
Chapter 9 Rare and Precious Metals Experiment Station
Chapter 11 Mining Claims On Lands Subject to Mineral Leasing Laws
Chapter 12 Multiple Mineral Development of the Same Tracts
Chapter 12A Entry and Location On Coal Lands On Discovery of Source Material
Chapter 13 Control of Coal-Mine Fires
Chapter 14 Anthracite Mine Drainage and Flood Control
Chapter 15 Surface Resources
Chapter 16 Mineral Development of Lands Withdrawn for Power Development
Chapter 17 Exploration Program for Discovery of Minerals
Chapter 18 Coal Research and Development
Chapter 20 Conveyances to Occupants of Unpatented Mining Claims
Chapter 22 Mine Safety and Health
Chapter 23 Geothermal Resources
Chapter 25 Surface Mining Control and Reclamation
Chapter 26 Deep Seabed Hard Mineral Resources
Chapter 27 Geothermal Energy
Chapter 28 Materials and Minerals Policy, Research, and Development
Chapter 29 Oil and Gas Royalty Management
Chapter 31 Marine Mineral Resources Research
Chapter 32 Methane Hydrate Research and Development