Part 71 General Provisions

Terms Used In CFR > Title 20 > Chapter I > Subchapter G

  • Cargo transport unit: means a transport vehicle, a freight container, a portable tank or a multiple element gas container (MEGC). See 49 CFR 176.2
  • Clear of living quarters: means that the hazardous material must be located so that in the event of release of the material, leakage or vapors will not penetrate accommodations, machinery spaces or other work areas by means of entrances or other openings in bulkheads or ventilation ducts. See 49 CFR 176.2
  • Compartment: means any space on a vessel that is enclosed by the vessel's decks and its sides or permanent steel bulkheads. See 49 CFR 176.2
  • Hold: means a compartment below deck that is used exclusively for the carriage of cargo. See 49 CFR 176.2
  • Incompatible materials: means two materials whose stowage together may result in undue hazards in the case of leakage, spillage, or other accident. See 49 CFR 176.2
  • Magazine: means an enclosure designed to protect certain goods of Class 1 (explosive) materials from damage by other cargo and adverse weather conditions during loading, unloading, and when in transit. See 49 CFR 176.2
  • Pallet: means a portable platform for stowing, handling, and moving cargo. See 49 CFR 176.2
  • Portable magazine: means a strong, closed, prefabricated, steel or wooden, closed box or container, other than a freight container, designed and used to handle Class 1 (explosive) materials either by hand or mechanical means. See 49 CFR 176.2
  • Protected from sources of heat: means that packages and cargo transport units must be stowed at least 2. See 49 CFR 176.2