Part 401 State Water Research Institute Program
Part 402 Water-Resources Research Program and the Water-Resources Technology Development Program

Terms Used In CFR > Title 30 > Chapter IV

  • Act: means the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended (52 Stat. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • Administrator: means the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division, United States Department of Labor. See 29 CFR 551.8
  • Administrator: means the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division, U. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • Agriculture: means agriculture as defined in section 3(f) of the Act and as interpreted in part 780 of this chapter. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • Commute daily: means the minors shall travel by foot, car, or other vehicle designed for transporting passengers from their permanent residences to the field or farm where they will work and return thereto at the end of each workday. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • Definitions: As used in this subpart--

    Blood alcohol concentration or BAC means grams of alcohol per deciliter or 100 milliliters blood, or grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath. See 23 CFR 1200.20

  • Department: means the U. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • Eligibility: Except as provided in §1200. See 23 CFR 1200.20
  • Employer: means employer as defined in section 3(d) of the Act. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • End Use: means the actual manner in which Canadian-produced wheat was used, including, among other uses, milling, brewing, malting, distilling, manufacturing, or export. See 29 CFR 776.5
  • End user: means the entity that uses Canadian-produced wheat for, among other uses, milling, brewing, malting, distilling, manufacturing, or other use, except resale. See 29 CFR 776.5
  • Entity: means a legal entity including, but not limited to, an individual, joint stock company, corporation, association, partnership, cooperative, trust, and estate. See 29 CFR 776.5
  • Finding: means a finding made pursuant to section 13(b)(11) of the Fair Labor Standards Act as provided in this part. See 29 CFR 551.8
  • Group of employers: means a number of employers who seek to be considered together for the purpose of applying for a waiver under section 13(c)(4) of the Act. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • Hand-harvest laborers: means agricultural workers engaged solely in harvesting by hand soil grown crops such as but not limited to berries, potatoes, and beans, and as interpreted in §780. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • Importer: means a party qualifying as an Importer of Record pursuant to 19 U. See 29 CFR 776.5
  • Majority: means greater than 50 percent. See 23 CFR 1200.20
  • Making local deliveries: includes the activities customarily and regularly performed in the physical transfer, to customers of a business establishment situated within the rural or urban community or metropolitan area in which the establishment is located, of goods sold or otherwise disposed of to such local customers by such establishment. See 29 CFR 551.8
  • on the basis of trip rates or other delivery payment plan: means any plan whereby employees employed as drivers or drivers' helpers making local deliveries are compensated for their employment on a basis such that the amount of payment which they receive is governed in substantial part by a system of wage payments based on units of work measurement such as numbers of trips taken, miles driven, stops made, or units of goods delivered (but not including any plan based solely on the number of hours worked) so that there is a substantial inducement to employees to minimize the number of hours worked. See 29 CFR 551.8
  • Outside school hours: means such periods as determined by the school district of the minor's permanent residence. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • Passenger motor vehicle: means a passenger car, pickup truck, van, minivan or sport utility vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 10,000 pounds. See 23 CFR 1200.20
  • Permanent residence: means the place where the minor and the minor's parent or person standing in place of a parent reside year-round. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • Primary offense: means an offense for which a law enforcement officer may stop a vehicle and issue a citation in the absence of evidence of another offense. See 23 CFR 1200.20
  • Private sector students: means those students attending the Institute who are not employees of Federal, State, or local governments. See 29 CFR 1949.2
  • Profit-sharing plan: means any such program or arrangement as qualifies hereunder which provides for the distribution by the employer to his employees of their respective shares of profits. See 29 CFR 549.3
  • Secretary: means the Secretary of Labor. See 29 CFR 551.8
  • Secretary: means the Secretary of Labor, United States Department of Labor, or an authorized representative of the Secretary. See 29 CFR 575.2
  • Subsequent buyer: means an entity other than the end user or importer which owns wheat originating in Canada. See 29 CFR 776.5
  • Waiver: means a letter signed by the Administrator advising the named employer or group of employers that 10 and 11 year old minors may be employed in the hand-harvesting of the specified short season crop or crops for the period designated, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in section 13(c)(4) of the Act and this part. See 29 CFR 575.2