Part 3501 Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Department of the Interior

Terms Used In CFR > Title 5 > Chapter XXV

  • Established requirements: means applicable law and regulations, lease, license or permit terms, conditions and special stipulations. See 43 CFR 3590.0-5
  • Lessee: means any person, partnership, association, corporation or municipality that holds a mineral lease, through issuance or assignment, in whole or part, which lease is subject to the provisions of this part. See 43 CFR 3590.0-5
  • Operator: means anyone authorized to conduct operations pursuant to the regulations in this part. See 43 CFR 3590.0-5
  • PFD: means a device that is approved by the Commandant under 46 CFR part 160. See 33 CFR 175.13
  • Reclamation: means the measures undertaken to bring about the necessary reconditioning or restoration of lands or water affected by exploration, mining, on-site processing operations or waste disposal in a manner which, among other things, will prevent or control on-site or offsite damage to the environment. See 43 CFR 3590.0-5
  • Throwable PFD: means a PFD that is intended to be thrown to a person in the water. See 33 CFR 175.13
  • Wearable PFD: means a PFD that is intended to be worn or otherwise attached to the body. See 33 CFR 175.13