(a) Community development organizations described

For purposes of this subtitle, any insured depository institution, or a qualified portion thereof, shall be treated as meeting the community development organization requirements of this section if–

Terms Used In 12 USC 1834b

  • appropriate Federal banking agency: means --

    (1) the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, in the case of--

    (A) any national banking association. See

  • Board of Directors: means the Board of Directors of the Corporation. See
  • Corporation: A legal entity owned by the holders of shares of stock that have been issued, and that can own, receive, and transfer property, and carry on business in its own name.
  • depository institution: means any bank or savings association. See
  • Federal banking agency: means the Comptroller of the Currency, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. See
  • insured depository institution: includes any uninsured branch or agency of a foreign bank or a commercial lending company owned or controlled by a foreign bank for purposes of section 1818 of this title. See
  • National Credit Union Administration: The federal regulatory agency that charters and supervises federal credit unions. (NCUA also administers the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, which insures the deposits of federal credit unions.) Source: OCC
  • Open-end credit: A credit agreement (typically a credit card) that allows a customer to borrow against a preapproved credit line when purchasing goods and services. The borrower is only billed for the amount that is actually borrowed plus any interest due. (Also called a charge account or revolving credit.) Source: OCC

(1) the institution–

(A) is a community development bank, or controls any community development bank, which meets the requirements of subsection (b);

(B) controls any community development corporation, or maintains any community development unit within the institution, which meets the requirements of subsection (c);

(C) invests in accounts in any community development credit union designated as a low-income credit union, subject to restrictions established for such credit unions by the National Credit Union Administration Board; or

(D) invests in a community development organization jointly controlled by two or more institutions;

(2) except in the case of an institution which is a community development bank, the amount of the capital invested, in the form of debt or equity, by the institution in the community development organization referred to in paragraph (1) (or, in the case of any community development unit, the amount which the institution irrevocably makes available to such unit for the purposes described in paragraph (3)) is not less than the greater of–

(A) ½ of 1 percent of the capital, as defined by generally accepted accounting principles, of the institution; or

(B) the sum of the amounts invested in such community development organization; and

(3) the community development organization provides loans for residential mortgages, home improvement, and community development and other financial services, other than financing for the purchase of automobiles or extension of credit under any open-end credit plan (as defined in section 1602(i) 1 of title 15), to low- and moderate-income persons, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses located in qualified distressed communities in a manner consistent with the intent of this subtitle.

(b) Community development bank requirements

A community development bank meets the requirements of this subsection if–

(1) the community development bank has a 15-member advisory board designated as the “Community Investment Board” and consisting entirely of community leaders who–

(A) shall be appointed initially by the board of directors of the community development bank and thereafter by the Community Investment Board from nominations received from the community; and

(B) are appointed for a single term of 2 years, except that, of the initial members appointed to the Community Investment Board, 1/3 shall be appointed for a term of 8 months, 1/3 shall be appointed for a term of 16 months, and 1/3 shall be appointed for a term of 24 months, as designated by the board of directors of the community development bank at the time of the appointment;

(2) 1/3 of the members of the community development bank’s board of directors are appointed from among individuals nominated by the Community Investment Board; and

(3) the bylaws of the community development bank require that the board of directors of the bank meet with the Community Investment Board at least once every 3 months.

(c) Community development corporation requirements

Any community development corporation, or community development unit within any insured depository institution meets the requirements of this subsection if the corporation or unit provides the same or greater, as determined by the appropriate Federal banking agency, community participation in the activities of such corporation or unit as would be provided by a Community Investment Board under subsection (b) if such corporation or unit were a community development bank.

(d) Adequate dispersal requirement

The appropriate Federal banking agency may approve the establishment of a community development organization under this subtitle only upon finding that the distressed community is not adequately served by an existing community development organization.

(e) Definitions

For purposes of this section–

(1) Community development bank

The term “community development bank” means any depository institution (as defined in section 1813(c)(1) of this title).

(2) Community development organization

The term “community development organization” means any community development bank, community development corporation, community development unit within any insured depository institution, or community development credit union.

(3) Low- and moderate-income persons

The term “low- and moderate-income persons” has the meaning given such term in section 5302(a)(20) of title 42.

(4) Nonprofit organization; small business

The terms “nonprofit organization” and “small business” have the meanings given to such terms by regulations which the appropriate Federal banking agency shall prescribe for purposes of this section.

(5) Qualified distressed community

The term “qualified distressed community” has the meaning given to such term in section 1834a(b) of this title.