Part 1 Investment Securities
Part 2 Sales of Credit Life Insurance
Part 3 Capital Adequacy Standards
Part 4 Organization and Functions, Availability and Release of Information, Contracting Outreach Program, Post-Employment Restrictions for Senior Examiners
Part 5 Rules, Policies, and Procedures for Corporate Activities
Part 6 Prompt Corrective Action
Part 7 Activities and Operations
Part 8 Assessment of Fees
Part 9 Fiduciary Activities of National Banks
Part 10 Municipal Securities Dealers
Part 11 Securities Exchange Act Disclosure Rules
Part 12 Recordkeeping and Confirmation Requirements for Securities Transactions
Part 13 Government Securities Sales Practices
Part 14 Consumer Protection in Sales of Insurance
Part 16 Securities Offering Disclosure Rules
Part 19 Rules of Practice and Procedure
Part 21 Minimum Security Devices and Procedures, Reports of Suspicious Activities, and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Program
Part 22 Loans in Areas Having Special Flood Hazards
Part 23 Leasing
Part 24 Community and Economic Development Entities, Community Development Projects, and Other Public Welfare Investments
Part 25 Community Reinvestment Act and Interstate Deposit Production Regulations
Part 26 Management Official Interlocks
Part 27 Fair Housing Home Loan Data System
Part 28 International Banking Activities
Part 30 Safety and Soundness Standards
Part 31 Extensions of Credit to Insiders and Transactions with Affiliates
Part 32 Lending Limits
Part 34 Real Estate Lending and Appraisals
Part 35 Disclosure and Reporting of CRA-Related Agreements
Part 37 Debt Cancellation Contracts and Debt Suspension Agreements
Part 41 Fair Credit Reporting
Part 43 Credit Risk Retention
Part 44 Proprietary Trading and Certain Interests in and Relationships with Covered Funds
Part 45 Margin and Capital Requirements for Covered Swap Entities
Part 46 Stress Testing
Part 47 Mandatory Contractual Stay Requirements for Qualified Financial Contracts
Part 48 Retail Foreign Exchange Transactions
Part 50 Liquidity Risk Measurement Standards
Part 51 Receiverships for Uninsured National Banks
Part 52 Regulatory Reporting
Part 53 Computer-Security Incident Notification
Part 100 Rules Applicable to Savings Associations
Part 101 Covered Savings Associations
Part 108 Removals, Suspensions, and Prohibitions Where a Crime Is Charged or Proven
Part 109 Rules of Practice and Procedure in Adjudicatory Proceedings
Part 112 Rules for Investigative Proceedings and Formal Examination Proceedings
Part 128 Nondiscrimination Requirements
Part 141 Definitions for Regulations Affecting Federal Savings Associations
Part 143 Federal Savings Associations – Grandfathered Authority
Part 144 Federal Mutual Savings Associations – Communication Between Members
Part 145 Federal Savings Associations – Operations
Part 150 Fiduciary Powers of Federal Savings Associations
Part 151 Recordkeeping and Confirmation Requirements for Securities Transactions
Part 155 Electronic Operations of Federal Savings Associations
Part 157 Deposits
Part 160 Lending and Investment
Part 161 Definitions for Regulations Affecting All Savings Associations
Part 162 Accounting and Disclosure Standards
Part 163 Savings Associations – Operations
Part 165 Prompt Corrective Action
Part 168 Security Procedures
Part 169 Proxies
Part 190 Preemption of State Usury Laws
Part 191 Preemption of State Due-on-Sale Laws
Part 192 Conversions from Mutual to Stock Form