(a) Consultation with Secretary of Transportation

In carrying out the project established under section 2503 of this title, the Secretary of Energy shall, to the maximum extent practicable, consult and coordinate with the Secretary of Transportation, with respect to any functions of the Secretary of Energy under this chapter which relate to regulatory activities or other responsibilities of the Secretary of Transportation, including safety and damageability programs.

(b) Assistance from other agencies

Terms Used In 15 USC 2504

  • project: means the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Research, Development, and Demonstration Project established under section 2503(a) of this title. See 15 USC 2502

Each department, agency, and instrumentality of the executive branch of the Federal Government shall carefully consider any written request from the Secretary of Energy, or the head of any agency to which the Secretary of Energy has delegated responsibility for specified parts or aspects of the project, to furnish such assistance, on a reimbursable basis, as the Secretary of Energy or such head deems necessary to carry out the project and to achieve the purposes of this chapter. Such assistance may include transfer of personnel with their consent and without prejudice to their position and rating.