(a) The Congress finds that–

Terms Used In 15 USC 2701

  • advanced automobile propulsion system: means an energy conversion system, including engine and drive train, which utilizes advanced technology and is suitable for use in an advanced automobile. See 15 USC 2702
  • fuel: means any energy source capable of propelling an automobile. See 15 USC 2702

(1) existing automobile propulsion systems, on the average, fall short of meeting the long-term goals of the Nation with respect to environmental protection, and energy conservation;

(2) advanced alternatives to existing automobile propulsion systems could, with sufficient research and development effort, meet these long-term goals, and have the potential to be mass produced at reasonable cost; and advanced automobile propulsion systems could operate with significantly less adverse environmental impact and fuel consumption than existing automobiles, while meeting all of the other requirements of Federal law;

(3) insufficient resources are being devoted to both research on and development of advanced automobile propulsion system technology;

(4) an expanded research and development effort with respect to advance automobile propulsion system technology would complement and stimulate corresponding efforts by the private sector and would encourage automobile manufacturers to consider seriously the incorporation of such advanced technology into automobiles and automobile components; and

(5) the Nation’s energy and environmental problems are urgent, and therefore advanced automobile propulsion system technology should be developed, tested, demonstrated, and prepared for manufacture within the shortest practicable time.

(b) It is therefore the purpose of the Congress, in this chapter to–

(1)(A) direct the Department of Energy to make contracts and grants for research and development leading to the development of advanced automobile propulsion systems within 5 years of February 25, 1978, or within the shortest practicable time consistent with appropriate research and development techniques, and (B) evaluate and disseminate information with respect to advanced automobile propulsion system technology;

(2) preserve, enhance, and facilitate competition in research, development, and production with respect to existing and alternative automobile propulsion systems; and

(3) supplement, but neither supplant nor duplicate, the automotive propulsion system research and development efforts of private industry.