The Congress finds and declares the following:

Terms Used In 15 USC 2901

  • Program: means the National Climate Program. See 15 USC 2903

(1) Weather and climate change affect food production, energy use, land use, water resources and other factors vital to national security and human welfare.

(2) An ability to anticipate natural and man-induced changes in climate would contribute to the soundness of policy decisions in the public and private sectors.

(3) Significant improvements in the ability to forecast climate on an intermediate and long-term basis are possible.

(4) Information regarding climate is not being fully disseminated or used, and Federal efforts have given insufficient attention to assessing and applying this information.

(5) Climate fluctuation and change occur on a global basis, and deficiencies exist in the system for monitoring global climate changes. International cooperation for the purpose of sharing the benefits and costs of a global effort to understand climate is essential.

(6) The United States lacks a well-defined and coordinated program in climate-related research, monitoring, assessment of effects, and information utilization.