(a) Federal officer or agency comments; submittal to President; public availability

Not later than July 1, 1977, any Federal officer or agency may submit written comments to the President with respect to the recommendation and report of the Commission and alternative methods for transportation of Alaska natural gas for delivery to the contiguous States. Such comments shall be made available to the public by the President when submitted to him, unless expressly exempted from this requirement in whole or in part by the President, under section 552(b)(1) of title 5. Any such written comment shall include information within the competence of such Federal officer or agency with respect to–

Terms Used In 15 USC 719d

  • Alaska natural gas: means natural gas derived from the area of the State of Alaska generally known as the North Slope of Alaska, including the Continental Shelf thereof. See 15 USC 719b
  • Commission: means the Federal Power Commission. See 15 USC 719b
  • officer: includes any person authorized by law to perform the duties of the office. See 1 USC 1
  • provision of law: means any provision of a Federal statute or rule, regulation, or order issued thereunder. See 15 USC 719b

(1) environmental considerations, including air and water quality and noise impacts;

(2) the safety of the transportation systems;

(3) international relations, including the status and time schedule for any necessary Canadian approvals and plans;

(4) national security, particularly security of supply;

(5) sources of financing for capital costs;

(6) the impact upon competition;

(7) impact on the national economy, including regional natural gas requirements; and

(8) relationship of the proposed transportation system to other aspects of national energy policy.

(b) State officer or agency and other interested persons’ comments; submittal to President

Not later than July 1, 1977, the Governor of any State, any municipality, State utility commission, and any other interested person may submit to the President such written comments with respect to the recommendation and report of the Commission and alternative systems for delivering Alaska natural gas to the contiguous States as they determine to be appropriate.

(c) Report of Federal officer or agency to the President

Not later than July 1, 1977, each Federal officer or agency shall report to the President with respect to actions to be taken by such officer or agency under section 719g(a) of this title relative to each transportation system reported on by the Commission under section 719c(c) of this title and shall include such officer’s or agency’s recommendations with respect to any provision of law to be waived pursuant to section 719f(g) of this title in conjunction with any decision of the President which designates a system for approval.

(d) Report of Council on Environmental Quality to the President

Following receipt by the President of the Commission’s recommendations, the Council on Environmental Quality shall afford interested persons an opportunity to present oral and written data, views, and arguments respecting the environmental impact statements submitted by the Commission under section 719c(e) of this title. Not later than July 1, 1977, the Council on Environmental Quality shall submit to the President a report, which shall be contemporaneously made available by the Council to the public, summarizing any data, views, and arguments received and setting forth the Council’s views concerning the legal and factual sufficiency of each such environmental impact statement and other matters related to environmental impact as the Council considers to be relevant.