(a) Establishment

The President shall establish an advisory board to be known as the Good Neighbor Environmental Board (hereinafter in this section referred to as the “Board”).

(b) Purpose

The purpose of the Board shall be to advise the President and the Congress on the need for implementation of environmental and infrastructure projects (including projects that affect agriculture, rural development, and human nutrition) within the States of the United States contiguous to Mexico in order to improve the quality of life of persons residing on the United States side of the border.

(c) Membership

The Board shall be composed of–

(1) representatives from the United States Government, including a representative from the Department of Agriculture and representatives from other appropriate agencies;

(2) representatives from the governments of the States of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas; and

(3) representatives from private organizations, including community development, academic, health, environmental, and other nongovernmental entities with experience and expertise on environmental and infrastructure problems along the southwest border.

(d) Annual reports to President and Congress

(1) In general

The Board shall submit to the President and the Congress of the United States an annual report on–

(A) the environmental and infrastructure projects referred to in subsection (a) that have been implemented, and

(B) the need for the implementation of additional environmental and infrastructure projects.

(2) Transmission of copies to Board members

The Board shall–

(A) transmit to each member of the Board a copy of any report to be submitted pursuant to paragraph (1) at least 14 days before its submission, and

(B) allow each member of the Board to have 14 days within which to prepare and submit supplemental views with respect to the recommendations of the Board for inclusion in such report.