(a) In general

Action plans shall be implemented, insofar as practicable, to upgrade existing industries to use natural resources more efficiently and to expand the economic base of rural communities so as to alleviate or reduce their dependence on National Forest System land resources.

(b) Assistance

Terms Used In 7 USC 6614

  • Fair market value: The price at which an asset would change hands in a transaction between a willing, informed buyer and a willing, informed seller.
  • rural community: means --

    (A) any town, township, municipality, or other similar unit of general purpose local government, or any area represented by a not-for-profit corporation or institution organized under State or Federal law to promote broad based economic development, or unit of general purpose local government, as approved by the Secretary, that has a population of not more than 10,000 individuals, is located within a county in which at least 15 percent of the total primary and secondary labor and proprietor income is derived from forestry, wood products, and forest-related industries such as recreation, forage production, and tourism and that is located within the boundary, or within 100 miles of the boundary, of a national forest. See 7 USC 6612

  • Secretary: means the Secretary of Agriculture. See 7 USC 6612

To implement action plans, the Secretary may make grants and enter into cooperative agreements and contracts to provide necessary technical and related assistance. Such grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts may be with the affected rural community, State and local governments, universities, corporations, and other persons.

(c) Limitation

The Federal contribution to the overall implementation of an action plan shall not exceed 80 percent of the total cost of the plan, including administrative and other costs. In calculating the Federal contribution, the Secretary shall take into account the fair market value of equipment, personnel, and services provided.

(d) Available authority

The Secretary may use the Secretary’s authority under the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978 (16 U.S.C. 2101 et seq.) and other Federal, State, and local governmental authorities in implementing action plans.

(e) Consistency with forest plans

The implementation of action plans shall be consistent with land and resource management plans.