Chapter 1 Council of National Defense
Chapter 3 Alien Enemies
Chapter 4C Atomic Weapons and Special Nuclear Materials Information Rewards
Chapter 5 Arsenals, Armories, Arms, and War Material Generally
Chapter 10 Helium Gas
Chapter 12 Vessels in Territorial Waters of United States
Chapter 13 Insurrection
Chapter 16 Defense Industrial Reserves
Chapter 18 Air-Warning Screen
Chapter 19 Guided Missiles
Chapter 20 Wind Tunnels
Chapter 23 Internal Security
Chapter 29 National Defense Contracts
Chapter 32 Chemical and Biological Warfare Program
Chapter 33 War Powers Resolution
Chapter 34 National Emergencies
Chapter 35 International Emergency Economic Powers
Chapter 36 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
Chapter 37 National Security Scholarships, Fellowships, and Grants
Chapter 38 Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability
Chapter 39 Spoils of War
Chapter 40 Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction
Chapter 41 National Nuclear Security Administration
Chapter 42 Atomic Energy Defense Provisions
Chapter 43 Preventing Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism
Chapter 44 National Security
Chapter 45 Miscellaneous Intelligence Community Authorities
Chapter 46 Central Intelligence Agency
Chapter 47 National Security Agency
Chapter 48 Department of Defense Cooperative Threat Reduction
Chapter 49 Military Selective Service
Chapter 50 Servicemembers Civil Relief
Chapter 51 War Claims
Chapter 52 Restitution for World War II Internment of Japanese-Americans and Aleuts
Chapter 53 Trading With the Enemy
Chapter 55 Defense Production
Chapter 56 Export Administration
Chapter 57 Claims Under the Clarification Act
Chapter 58 Export Control Reform