§ 7711 Regulation of movement of plant pests
§ 7712 Regulation of movement of plants, plant products, biological control organisms, noxious weeds, articles, and means of conveyance
§ 7712a Reduction in backlog of agricultural export petitions
§ 7713 Notification and holding requirements upon arrival
§ 7714 General remedial measures for new plant pests and noxious weeds
§ 7715 Declaration of extraordinary emergency and resulting authorities
§ 7716 Recovery of compensation for unauthorized activities
§ 7717 Control of grasshoppers and Mormon crickets
§ 7718 Certification for exports
§ 7719 Methyl bromide
§ 7720 National plan for control and management of Sudden Oak Death
§ 7721 Plant pest and disease management and disaster prevention

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