work with prosecutors and assist the victims of a crime.
State Law
has the meaning set forth in IC 35-37-6-3 Indiana Code 34-60-1-2 means an individual employed or appointed by or who volunteers for:

Indiana Code 35-37-6-3.5

means an employee of the department of the attorney general, the department of state, or the department of technology, management, and budget, or an employee of a county prosecutor’s office, who has received training and certification from the department of the attorney general to help individuals complete applications to become program participants, and who is available to help individuals complete the applications and is responsible for assisting program participants in navigating through and accessing all aspects of the program Michigan Laws 780.853
North Carolina
A person from a crime victim service organization who provides support and assistance for a victim of a crime during court proceedings and recovery efforts related to the crime North Carolina General Statutes 1-630
means :

(i)  a criminal justice system victim advocate;

(ii)  a nongovernment organization victim advocate; or

(iii)  an individual who is employed or authorized to volunteer by a public or private entity and is designated by the Utah Office for Victims of Crime as having the specific purpose of providing advocacy services to or for the clients of the public or private entity Utah Code 77-38-403