Effective November 8, 2016, subject to contingencies

Terms Used In Alabama Code 12-17-227

When used in this division, the following terms shall have the following meanings, respectively, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

(1) ACCUMULATED CONTRIBUTIONS. The sum of all the amounts deducted from the compensation of a member credited to his or her individual account in the District Attorneys’ Plan, together with regular interest thereon.

(2) ACTUARIAL EQUIVALENT. A benefit of equal value when computed upon the basis of the mortality tables adopted by the Board of Control and regular interest.

(3) ANNUITY. Payments for life derived from the accumulated contributions of a member. All annuities shall be payable in equal monthly installments.

(4) AVERAGE FINAL COMPENSATION. The average annual compensation of a district attorney with respect to which he or she had made contributions pursuant to Section 12-17-227.2 during the five years in his or her last 10 years of membership service for which the average is highest or during his or her entire period of membership service if less than five years.

(5) BENEFICIARY. Any person in receipt of a pension, an annuity, a retirement allowance or other benefit as provided by this division.

(6) BOARD OF CONTROL. The board provided for in Section 36-27-23 to administer the retirement system.

(7) DISTRICT ATTORNEY. Except as otherwise provided in Section 12-17-227.11, any district attorney first elected or appointed to his or her position on or after November 8, 2016.

(8) EMPLOYER. The State of Alabama or any department, agency, or local governing body by which a district attorney is paid.

(9) FUND. The Judicial Retirement Fund provided for in Chapter 18 of this title.

(10) MEDICAL BOARD. The board of physicians provided for in Section 36-27-23.

(11) MEMBER. Any district attorney included in membership of the plan.

(12) MEMBERSHIP SERVICE. Service as a district attorney on account of which contributions are made.

(13) PENSION. Payments for life derived from money provided by the employer. All pensions shall be payable in equal monthly installments.

(14) PLAN. The District Attorneys’ Plan provided for in Section 12-17-227.1.

(15) REGULAR INTEREST. Interest compounded annually at the rate determined by the Board of Control.

(16) RETIREMENT. Withdrawal from active service with a retirement allowance or optional benefit in lieu thereof granted under this division.

(17) RETIREMENT ALLOWANCE. The sum of the annuity and the pension.

(18) RETIREMENT SYSTEM. The Employees’ Retirement System of Alabama as defined in Section 36-27-2.

(19) SUPERNUMERARY DISTRICT ATTORNEY. A supernumerary district attorney who has elected to come under the provisions and requirements of Division 2 of this article.

(Act 2015-498, §18.)