§ 16-33-1 Short title
§ 16-33-2 “Tuition and fees” defined
§ 16-33-3 Purpose of chapter; liberal construction
§ 16-33-4 Certain children may attend state institutions or trade schools without payment of fees or tuition; provision of textbooks
§ 16-33-5 Applicant to present proof of residence, eligibility and qualifications
§ 16-33-6 Application to be made to State Department of Education; determination of eligibility
§ 16-33-7 Duties of State Department of Education and State Superintendent of Education
§ 16-33-8 Duties of local superintendents and teachers
§ 16-33-9 Standards of institutions not lowered; applicants to meet scholastic and other entrance requirements
§ 16-33-10 Benefits not extended beyond lives of immediate children of blind person
§ 16-33-11 Benefits not payable if equal benefits available from federal or state government
§ 16-33-12 Title of benefits