§ 16-33A-1 Definitions
§ 16-33A-2 Legislative findings; purpose of chapter
§ 16-33A-3 Amount of grant for each eligible student; grants payable to institutions on behalf of students; effective date of grants
§ 16-33A-4 Program administration
§ 16-33A-5 Basic powers and duties of ACHE
§ 16-33A-6 Grant procedures and requirements
§ 16-33A-7 Nonsectarian use of funds required
§ 16-33A-8 Audits of educational institutions; annual reports to Legislature by educational institutions
§ 16-33A-9 Proration of funds when funds insufficient to provide full grants
§ 16-33A-10 False statements and misrepresentations
§ 16-33A-11 Responsibility for program upon cessation of ACHE