§ 27-56-1 Short title
§ 27-56-2 Definitions
§ 27-56-3 Payment for services
§ 27-56-4 Prohibited activities
§ 27-56-5 Third-party payment
§ 27-56-6 When provisions applicable
§ 27-56-7 Applicability to certain providers
§ 27-56-8 Implementation of coverage
§ 27-56-9 Scope of practice
§ 27-56-10 Vision care providers – Contract requirements; rates; reimbursements; discounts

Terms Used In Alabama Code > Title 27 > Chapter 56

  • commissioner: The Commissioner of the Department of Corrections

    (3) STATE CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION. See Alabama Code 15-18-111

  • COVERED PERSON: Any individual, family, or family member on whose behalf third-party payment or prepayment of health or medical expenses is provided under an insurance policy, plan, or contract providing for third-party payment or prepayment of health care or medical expenses. See Alabama Code 15-18-85
  • department: The Department of Corrections. See Alabama Code 15-18-111
  • EYE CARE PROVIDER: A licensed optometrist or a licensed ophthalmologist. See Alabama Code 15-18-85
  • inmate: A person who has served at least 90 days in any jail or penal facility, either male or female, who has been convicted of a felony and sentenced to a term of confinement and treatment in a state correctional institution under the jurisdiction of the department. See Alabama Code 15-18-111
  • program: Supervised Intensive Restitution (SIR) program. See Alabama Code 15-18-111
  • Restitution: The court-ordered payment of money by the defendant to the victim for damages caused by the criminal action.