Part 405 Federal Health Insurance for the Aged and Disabled
Part 406 Hospital Insurance Eligibility and Entitlement
Part 407 Supplementary Medical Insurance (smi) Enrollment and Entitlement
Part 408 Premiums for Supplementary Medical Insurance
Part 409 Hospital Insurance Benefits
Part 410 Supplementary Medical Insurance (smi) Benefits
Part 411 Exclusions From Medicare and Limitations On Medicare Payment
Part 412 Prospective Payment Systems for Inpatient Hospital Services
Part 413 Principles of Reasonable Cost Reimbursement; Payment for End-stage Renal Disease Services; Optional Prospectively Determined Payment Rates for Skilled Nursing Facilities; Payment for Acute Kidney Injury Dialysis
Part 414 Payment for Part B Medical and Other Health Services
Part 415 Services Furnished by Physicians in Providers, Supervising Physicians in Teaching Settings, and Residents in Certain Settings
Part 416 Ambulatory Surgical Services
Part 417 Health Maintenance Organizations, Competitive Medical Plans, and Health Care Prepayment Plans
Part 418 Hospice Care
Part 419 Prospective Payment System for Hospital Outpatient Department Services
Part 420 Program Integrity: Medicare
Part 421 Medicare Contracting
Part 422 Medicare Advantage Program
Part 423 Voluntary Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
Part 424 Conditions for Medicare Payment
Part 425 Medicare Shared Savings Program
Part 426 Review of National Coverage Determinations and Local Coverage Determinations