§ 2-14-1 Definitions
§ 2-14-2 Purpose of chapter
§ 2-14-3 Registration of colonies, bee yards, and apiaries; disposition of fees and fines
§ 2-14-4 Movement or shipment of honeybees into state
§ 2-14-5 Shipment, movement, etc., into state of used beekeeping equipment or supplies
§ 2-14-6 Shipment, movement, etc., of used beekeeping equipment or appliances without permit from Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries
§ 2-14-7 Owners, etc., to mark used hive-bodies and supers; marks, etc., to be approved by State Apiarist
§ 2-14-8 Preparation and maintenance of county maps of apiary locations
§ 2-14-9 Eradication or control of contagious and infectious diseases of honeybees; inspection; fees; transfer of honeybees to hives with movable frames
§ 2-14-10 Quarantining of apiary or colony of honeybees infected with contagious or infectious disease, etc.; moving of quarantined bees, supplies or equipment
§ 2-14-11 Destruction of diseased bees, supplies or equipment
§ 2-14-12 Failure of owner to treat or destroy bees, equipment, etc., upon notification by commissioner; hearing for review of order of commissioner to treat or destroy diseased bees, etc.; enforcement of order
§ 2-14-13 Rules and regulations
§ 2-14-14 Designation of State Apiarist; powers thereof
§ 2-14-15 Penalties for violations of provisions of chapter, rules or regulations, etc