§ 34-15C-1 Short title
§ 34-15C-2 Legislative findings
§ 34-15C-3 Definitions
§ 34-15C-4 Alabama Board for Registered Interior Designers
§ 34-15C-5 Powers and duties of board
§ 34-15C-6 Qualification for certificate of registration
§ 34-15C-7 Waiver of registration requirements; reciprocity
§ 34-15C-8 Seal
§ 34-15C-9 Prohibited activities
§ 34-15C-10 Applicability and exceptions
§ 34-15C-11 Violations
§ 34-15C-12 Disciplinary action
§ 34-15C-13 Conflicts of interest
§ 34-15C-14 Alabama Board for Registered Interior Designers Fund
§ 34-15C-15 Authorization to practice
§ 34-15C-16 Participation in certain business entity relationships.
§ 34-15C-17 Administrative procedure
§ 34-15C-18 Sunset provision
§ 34-15C-19 Relation to prior board

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