§ 34-25A-1 Purpose
§ 34-25A-2 Short title
§ 34-25A-3 Definitions
§ 34-25A-4 Referral and consultation limits
§ 34-25A-5 Application for licensure or registration
§ 34-25A-6 Disciplinary actions
§ 34-25A-7 Duties of board
§ 34-25A-8 Alabama State Board of Prosthetists and Orthotists
§ 34-25A-9 Membership of board
§ 34-25A-10 Alabama State Board of Orthotists and Prosthetists Fund
§ 34-25A-11 Issuance of license or registration; renewal
§ 34-25A-12 Fees
§ 34-25A-13 Violations
§ 34-25A-13.1 Mastectomy fitters
§ 34-25A-14 Applicability of Ethics Law; Sunset Law