§ 34-8B-1 Legislative findings
§ 34-8B-2 Definitions
§ 34-8B-3 License required
§ 34-8B-4 Alabama Board of Court Reporting – Creation; composition; meetings; compensation
§ 34-8B-5 Alabama Board of Court Reporting – Duties
§ 34-8B-6 Complaints; hearing; penalties; appeal
§ 34-8B-7 Promulgation of rules
§ 34-8B-8 Violations; penalties
§ 34-8B-9 Recovery by board of damages; liability of board members
§ 34-8B-10 Examinations and testing; unauthorized use of license number
§ 34-8B-11 Reciprocity agreements; nonresidential licenses; fees
§ 34-8B-12 Licensing fees
§ 34-8B-13 Renewal of licenses
§ 34-8B-14 Licensing of current court reporters; certified shorthand reporters
§ 34-8B-15 Temporary license
§ 34-8B-16 Inactive status
§ 34-8B-17 Disposition of funds; collection of fees
§ 34-8B-18 Sunset provision