(a) The department shall establish standards for facilities, which standards may vary in their requirements and stringency according to the population, price level, remoteness, access to transportation, and availability of ancillary services of the area to be served, and shall fix the fees to be charged for the required inspections of those facilities. A facility shall meet the applicable standards before it is approved as a public or private treatment facility. The standards shall be enacted in a manner that will provide protection of the health, safety, and well-being of clients of the affected programs and protection for the affected programs from exposure to malpractice and liability actions.

(b) The department shall inspect, on a regular basis, approved public and private treatment facilities at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner.

(c) The department shall maintain a list of approved public and private treatment facilities.

(d) An approved public and private treatment facility shall file with the department, on request, data, statistics, schedules, and information which the department reasonably requires. An approved public or private treatment facility that without good cause fails to furnish any data, statistics, schedules, or information as requested, or files fraudulent returns of them, shall be removed from the list of approved treatment facilities.

(e) The department, after holding a hearing conducted by the office of administrative hearings (AS 44.64.010 ) under the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act (AS 44.62), may suspend, revoke, limit, restrict, or refuse to grant an approval for a treatment facility, for failure to meet its standards.

(f) Upon petition of the department and after a hearing held upon reasonable notice to the facility, the district court may issue a warrant to an officer or employee of the department authorizing the officer or employee to enter and inspect at reasonable times, and examine the books and accounts of, an approved public or private treatment facility refusing to consent to inspection or examination by the department or which the department has reasonable cause to believe is operating in violation of this chapter.

(g) The standards established for facilities under this section must be based on scientifically sound evidence and be consistent with the priorities created under AS 47.37.045 (e) and (f).